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You can find information here about what's coming up as part of the Clubhouse.

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Physical LAST Conferences are returning!

Save the date:  Friday 23 July 2021
 Abbotsford Convent Melbourne

Clubhouse Members will be the first to access discounted registrations - details to follow

Find a session to stimulate learning and professional development

0. Unconferences and in-person events

Affordable, in-person sessions, with user created schedules.

Our first step toward larger in-person events.

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1. Talks

Online talks, both live and replays…a continuation of the LAST Anywhere talk series.

Topics of interest from  across the LAST and Spark the Change communities.

Free for anyone.

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2. 90-min live workshops

A chance to engage a little deeper, in a smaller group.

Free for Full Clubhouse Participants, with a small fee for others.

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3. Longer Workshops and Courses

Really get stuck into a topic with either multi-session live workshops, or self-paced courses withs live Q&A sessions.

Discounted for Full Clubhouse Participants.

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4. "Mini" events

Online versions of our physical events with compact, varying schedules. For example, 180 min mini-LASTs with a mix of guest presenters and community members.

Free for Full Clubhouse Participants, with a small fee for others.

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5. Book Sessions

LAST Conferences have always been about the community sharing knowledge.

We are creating these Book Sessions to help you find new ideas that you can use in your professional life.

For some of these sessions, we will even have the authors available for Q&A.

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0. Unconference and in-person events

Small, fun, in-person Unconferences.

The Unconference concept is simple. There is no agenda until participants create it on the day. No topics are predetermined, no keynote speakers are invited and no panels have been arranged. You, as a participant will decide what topics will be discussed in smaller breakout sessions.

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1. Our talks

The following live talks are FREE for anyone, and are a continuation of the LAST Anywhere talks series.

Everyone has access to the live talks, which are under an hour in duration, with the recordings being available for a limited time afterwards and then available to Clubhouse Full members in our archive.

Lunch'n'learn talks and evening sessions...

22 April. 1.00-1.45pm (AEDT) 
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Shawn Callahan


Our archive…

You can see recordings of recent sessions as a Free Member.  For the full archive (see a preview) of all of the recordings we have (over 40 hours!), join as a Full Member.

Current Members can Login to the Member Area.

To access all recordings…

Rebecca Tapp. The DNA of Purpose

John M Bernard. The Strange Connection Between Order and Freedom

Chris Ward. Developer Experience

Fabian Iannarella & Mathew Dawe. Devops Insights

Rod Sherwin. The Solution Focused (SF) Approach

Book Session featuring The Wise Enterprise by Arash Arabi

Matthew Hodgson & Mia Horrigan. Measuring Enterprise Agility

Fireside Chat with Vicki Young and Dr Elise Bialylew -  Author of The Happiness Plan and Founder of Mindful in May 

Niall McShane. The inner journey towards being agile

17 Nov.

Liam Brobst. Design Thinking for Leaders

20 Nov.
John Contad. Tech Career Development Conversations That Suck Less

2. Our 90-minute workshops

Most 90-minute workshops are complimentary for Clubhouse Full members who apply their coupon code at checkout. To find the code, visit the LAST Clubhouse item in your logged-in area. 

If you aren't a Full Member, you are welcome to register by paying for individual Workshops.


Tuesday 20 April - 08.00-09.30am AEST 
Monday 19 April - 3.00-4.30pm PDT
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John M. Bernard


3. Our Longer Workshops

Registration Special 

Access the recordings of all three sessions, plus recordings of previous Gold Vision content for AUD$120, 50% off the full price.

Kazuyoshi Hisano has been running a series of talks and workshops with us. His Gold Vision/self-actualization method helps us to realise our full potential and achieve our goals. 

In this workshop series, Hisano-san goes deep into the Gold Vision Method and how to use its "new generation cocahing" techniques. These coaching sessions follow on from previous Gold Vision Method workshops and are of particular relevance to any person within a position of influence - managers, team leaders, coaches, project leaders, instructors, supervisors, product leads...etc.

Find out more, or register immediately, by selecting the option opposite.

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Book Sessions


Acquire knowledge

LAST Conferences have always been about the community sharing knowledge.

We welcome and encourage our Members to host a Book Session.  Please contact us directly to discuss.

We are creating these Book Sessions to help you find new ideas that you can use in your professional life.

Some sessions have the author available for Q&A.

Book session info

4. Mini Events

The LAST Clubhouse curates online mini-events with a varying format of invited presenters and community created sessions. Presenters have included Jeff Patton, Hugh Mackay AO, Diana Larsen, Prof Michael Steger, Natasha Anderson and Rob Baker.

Recent mini-events

Here are details of what occurred at recent mini-events.

Mini-combo event

We combined LAST Conf with Spark the Change to present an engaging and valuable event.

Diana Larsen, Co-founder of the Agile Fluency® Project and co-author of several books. Her presentation Leading Skilled Agile Teams: Applying the Agile Fluency® Model leads you through an examination of the role of trust in team member engagement. 

Professor Michael Steger, Founding Director of the Center for Meaning and Purpose at Colorado State University, presented on the topic Master the mechanics of motivation and tap into the power of purpose.

These were interspersed by lively Thought Exercise breakout sessions.

What was on

mini-Spark the Change

Since 2014, we have been running an event focused on meaning and purpose in society and in work called Spark the Change. We organised a mini-Spark event on 12 November, curated by Vicki Young, Spark the Change Melbourne's content curator.

Featuring Hugh McKay AO (acclaimed social researcher), Natasha Anderson (film-maker and anti-family violence activist), and Rob Baker (Positive Psychologist)

Vicki has also organised Dr Elise Bialylew (Mindful in May) …see below.

What was on

mini-LAST 2

LAST Conference style sessions in this 3 hour program. See what was on.

mini-LAST 1

This mini-event featured the well known Product Management expert, Jeff Patton.

In the Pipeline

There are more talks and workshops being scheduled in now.
See what we have as candidates in the pipeline…

  • David Veech. Leadershights
  • Steve Mitchell. Lean in your Context
  • Kelsey van Haaster. Build security into your agile project from the ground up
  • Adrian Fittolani, Alexandra Stokes
  • YOU?? Clubhouse members can self-organise their own sessions

Calendar of events

Recordings of previous talks

The non-paywalled talks on our schedule are made available for approximately 30 days for anyone. You only need to register as a Free Guest Member.

There are over 40 talks and workshop sessions available to our LAST Clubhouse Archive for Full Members on an ongoing basis.

Become a Full Participant of the Clubhouse to gain access to all of the available content, as well as bonus content from previous LAST, 1st, and Spark the Change Conferences.

Previous Talks

The most recent previous Clubhouse talks are available in the Free Member Library. There are currently 5-7 recent LAST Anywhere talks, in their entirety. If the talk you are most interested in isn't listed below, the full archive is available to Full Members.

LAST Clubhouse Free Member library


Free Member Library

Recent sessions include:

  • Rod Sherwin on The Solution Focused Approach
  • Arash Arabi Book Session "The Wise Enterprise"
  • Fabian Iannarella & Mathew Dawe on DevOps Insights
  • Liam Brobst on Design Thinking for Leaders
  • Matthew Hodgson & Mia Horrigan on Measuring Enterprise Agility
  • John Contad on Tech Career Dev Conversations that suck less

Free Member Library

Full Member Archive

Access all the available recordings (over 30 hours) from the LAST Clubhouse and Anywhere series from 2020. Full Members also access the recordings from our mini-events, featuring names such as Jeff Patton, Hugh Mackay AO, and more.

There is also bonus video and audio content from previous editions of LAST, 1st and Spark the Change Conferences.

In addition, you get included access to future mini-events and 90-min workshops, that others par a fee for. You can get discounts to future in-person events…and more.

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