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From the creators of LAST.
Tech Leader Series.

Please Contact us here to register your interest for the next series.

Each Tech Leader Series is designed so that groups from the same company participate together to address challenges that are part of building outstanding tech leadership in organisations.

There are 6 online sessions hosted and presented by current, accomplished tech leaders who have worked at well known technology focused companies.

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Summary of LAST Club activities

1. In-person conferences

For 2024 LAST Conferences are confirmed as follows:

Adelaide - Fri 24 May
Melbourne -
Fri 28 November
Sydney - TBA

Brisbane - TBA

2. Online talks, rewatch/encore discussions & book sessions

Online talks, both live and replays. Free for anyone, anywhere!

Topics of interest from across the LAST, 1st and Spark the Change communities.

Above - a previous session with John Cutler

3. Longer online Workshops and Courses

Really get stuck into a topic with either multi-session live workshops, or self-paced courses with videos or live Q&A sessions.

An affordable fee applies to these workshops, with a discount for Full Members.

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4. 90-min live, online workshops.

A chance to engage a little deeper, in a smaller group. Presenters will have some practical techniques that you can use in your everyday work.

An affordable fee applies to these workshops, with a discount for Full Members.

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5. In-person workshops 

A fee applies to these workshop days, with discounts for Free and Full Members.


LAST Conference Melbourne

Conferences are back!

Did you miss the experience of getting together with like-minded people and learning new things from each other? We did too. We mapped out a return to-person events, that started with a conference in Dec 2021 and again in 2022 anf 2023.

Finf out about the event held at the beautiful Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne for LAST Conf 2023 on 1 December.

More details for 2024 are coming soon!

LAST Conf MEL 2023

LAST Conference Melbourne 2022

This was a celebration of 10 years of LAST and a chance to refresh, reconnect and learn from your peers.


LAST Conf 2022

So many got involved!
10 years of LAST - Reflections project.

LAST Conf started in 2012. Since then, there have been 20 edition in 5 cities in Australia. Find out how we marked the occasion throughout 2022.

LAST Reflections info

2. Online talks, rewatch/encore discussions & book sessions

The following live talks are FREE for anyone. Book sessions will often have the authors available for Q&A.

Everyone has access to the live talks, which are under an hour in duration, with the recordings being available for a limited time afterwards

The Full Archive of more than 120 items is available to LAST Club Full members.

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The series continues…

Watch this space for additions to the lineup...

ONLINE Session
Kit Friend

Wed 17th Apr 2024
12.30-1.15pm AEST
Find your local time
Kit Friend. 17 Apr 24

Free. Register here.
ONLINE Session
Nigel Thurlow

Tues 23 Apr - 08.30 - 09.15 AEST 
Mon 22 Apr - 17.30 - 18.15 CDT
Find your local time
Nigel Thurlow. 23 Apr 24 AEST

Free. Register here.
ONLINE Session
Jamie Mackintosh

Thurs 2 May 24
12.30 - 13.15 AEST
Find your local time
Jamie Mackintosh. 2 May 24

Free. Register here.
ONLINE Session
Calum Dabb

Fri 10th May 
12.30 -13.15 AEST

Find your local time
Calum Dabb. 10 May 24

Free. Register here.
ONLINE Session
Sonal Premi

Fri 31st May 
12.30 -13.15 AEST

Find your local time
Sonal Premi. 31 May 24

Free. Register here.

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Examples of past sessions

Some of the most recent sessions are listed below. There are over 140 sessions in total. See a list of everything (with some video samples.) that is in the Full Member Library.

Full Library Preview

3. Online workshop series

Registration Special 

Access the recordings of all three sessions, plus recordings of previous Gold Vision content for AUD$120, 50% off the full price.

Kazuyoshi Hisano has been running a series of talks and workshops with us. His Gold Vision/self-actualization method helps us to realise our full potential and achieve our goals. 

In this self-paced workshop series, you get access to the recordings of Hisano-san's sessions, as he goes deep into the Gold Vision Method and how to use its "new generation coaching" techniques. These session are of particular relevance to any person within a position of influence - managers, team leaders, coaches, project leaders, instructors, supervisors, product leads...etc.

Find out more, or register immediately, by selecting the option opposite.

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4. Individual, online, 90-minute workshops

90-minute workshops are discounted, as a benefit for Clubhouse Full members who apply their coupon code at checkout. To find the code, visit the LAST Clubhouse item in your logged-in area. 

If you aren't a Full Member, you are welcome to register by paying for individual Workshops.

LAST Conf MEL 2022

5. In-person workshops 

A fee applies to these workshop days, with discounts for Free and Full Members.

Calendar of events

Recordings of previous talks

The most recent non-paywalled talks on our schedule are made available for anyone. You only need to register as a Free Member.

There are around 100 talks and workshop sessions available to our LAST Clubhouse Archive for Full Members on an ongoing basis.

Become a Full Participant of the Clubhouse to gain access to all of the available content, as well as bonus content from previous LAST, 1st, and Spark the Change Conferences.


The most recent previous Clubhouse talks are available For Free Members, in the Free Member Library. There are currently 5-7 recent talks, in their entirety. If the talk you are most interested in isn't listed below, the entire archive is available to Full Members.

LAST Clubhouse Free Member library


Free Member Library

The Free Member Library includes:

Full Video Recordings

  • Selected, recent video recordings similar to those in Recent talk recordings... listed above
  • In memory of Norman Bodek, the entire keynote at LAST Conference 2017 and his LAST Anywhere session in 2020. 

Samples from the Full Library

  • Rotating sample content of entire video recordings from the Full Member Library 
  • Excerpts of Audio recordings that are in the Full Library: 
    • Dr Peter Senge at LAST Conference in 2017
    • John Cutler at LAST Conference in 2018
  • Video excerpts:
    • Kazuyoshi Hisano. The structure of The Gold Vision Method
    • Kazuyoshi Hisano. What is a Gold Vision?
    • John Cutler. Product Development Traps


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Full Member Library

Access all the available video and audio recordings (over 125 sessions) in the Library (see Preview). The content is from the LAST Clubhouse and Anywhere series from 2020 onwards. Full Members also access the recordings from previous online mini-events, featuring names such as Jeff Patton, Diana Larsen, Hugh Mackay AO, and more.

There is also video and audio content from previous editions of LAST, 1st and Spark the Change Conferences. The LAST Conference in Dec 2021, with content from Lynne Cazaly, Joshua Kerievsky and more.

You can get discounts to future longer form online workshops and in-person events, as a Full Member.

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