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LAST Clubhouse.
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A community of practitioners, learners and sharers of lean, agile and systems thinking concepts and practice


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What is the LAST Clubhouse about?

A community exploring the possibilities we have to learn from and meet professionals both locally and from around the world, online.

A place to belong

Connect and keep in touch with colleagues and friends. Make sure that in a physically distanced time, you keep your social connections alive.

New connections

Join a Club Chapter and meet new people, find a company to join, or find the best people to join your company. Find a mentor.


Learning sessions, live, archived and self-guided, with presenters from 1st, LAST & Spark the Change Conferences, the community, and experts from all over the world.

Participant benefits

Club partners will provide special offers, discounts and other benefits to club participants. You can also run your own events at the Clubhouse.

What is part of being a Full Member of the Clubhouse?

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We'll be back in-person, when it's safe.

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What people are saying…


John Cutler

Product Management expert, California

"One of the best parts about this is meeting lots of really cool people. This is something that is really needed right now."

Ruth Farenga

Mindful Leadership Coach, United Kingdom

"Connecting with people is extremely important in the times we live in."

Liam Brobst

Service Designer, Melbourne

"You ALWAYS need to keep learning"

 Alex Stokes

Co-founder of ReBoot Co. and host of The Weekly ReBoot podcast

"Being part of this community gives you access to high calibre systems thinkers that are going to improve your ways of working"
Kelsey van Haaster

Identity Manager, Melbourne

"LAST is a community I am proud to have been part of since day one"

Cyrelle de Groot

Senior Talent Advisor, MYOB

"As sponsors of LAST for a number of years, we have hired many great people we've met there"


Since 2012, we have organised LAST (Lean, Agile and Systems Thinking) Conference, in Melbourne, Australia, that grew to include events in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide.

The  events are focused on meaningful interactions,  learning by collaboration and connectedness with a community of people.

We started thinking about the future of events and non-formal professional development in 2018/2019. people who for a variety of reasons, can’t physically be at one of our conferences. LAST Conference Anywhere was born.

Now, the next phase of LAST's development is here…The LAST Clubhouse.