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What is part of being a Full Participant in the Clubhouse?

For a similar price as coming to a one day LAST Conference,  you will get the following benefits between now and the end of September. You can also see some FAQs further down on this page.

A place to belong

Connect and keep in touch with colleagues and friends. Make sure that in a physically distanced time, you keep your social connections alive.

New connections

Join a Club Chapter and meet new people, find a company to join, or find the best people to join your company. Find a mentor.


Learning sessions, live, archived and self-guided, with presenters from LAST Conferences, the community, and experts from all over the world.

Participant benefits

Club partners will provide special offers, discounts and other benefits to  participants. You can also run your own events at the Clubhouse.

What will be part of the Clubhouse?

Between July and October 2020, the Clubhouse will be home to a number of different activities.

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  • mini-LAST events. The next event is 21 August, featuring Jeff Patton
  • Access the Full content archive
  • Special Clubhouse bonus content
  • Exclusive Founding participant Challenge Coin
  • Discounts to Longer workshops and Courses
  • Find job opportunities & potential employees

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All Full Participant benefits:

  • Social connection
  • Learning
  • Founding participant benefits
  • Sustain the professional community
  • Find job opportunities & potential employees
  • and more
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Get free access to:

  •  the most recent LAST Anywhere/Clubhouse talks

There will also be previews of the content available in our Full Participant archive, such as:

  • recordings from the archive of over 30 talks from the LAST Anywhere series
  • selected recordings from 1st Conference, Spark the Change and previous LAST Conferences
  • examples of the Bonus Content available to members, such as talks from Dr. Peter Senge, Professor Henry Mintzberg, John Cutler and more…
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What people are saying

Richard Parton

Consultant and trainer, Melbourne

"It's great to be part of a community and to be able to share knowledge."

Sandra Almeida Loureiro

IT Service Manager and Agile practitioner, Singapore

"A lively Community of knowledgeable and experienced Lean and Agile Experts where I benefit from a sense of belonging and growth"

Gareth Bowell

LAST Conference Sydney co-organiser

"Being involved in this community and being an organiser is very fulfilling"

Christiane Anderson

Business Owner, People Over Process

"Being able to connect with people via LAST opens up opportunities for my business"

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