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mini-LAST 2021.




New date, expanded schedule, exciting new spaces. All current registrations will receive an email with advice.

Thursday 9 December 2021

 Registrations are strictly limited due to Covid Safe density requirements. 

We can't wait to see you in-person again at our brand new venue at the Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne.

This single-day event will have:

  • compelling opening and closing speakers
  • interesting breakout sessions
  • opportunities to reconnect with colleagues you haven't seen since…forever
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Opening Speaker

Lynne Cazaly

Understanding and Outsmarting Our Overwhelm

Struggling? Juggling? Drowning? Argh! These experiences of overwhelm can be a common part of a normal day or week in our life. Yes, the world can be an overwhelming place. We might have an emotional experience of being overwhelmed. We can experience the ‘too much on’ of workload - too much to do and not enough time in which to do it. Or we might feel like we’re submerged under an endless pile of information, reports, books and reading. At other times we can just be plain 'drowning in' it from a wicked combination of all three: emotions, workload and information. Overload and overwhelm isn't good for us. Burnout and health issues are waiting. We need to find ways to acknowledge our emotions, manage our workload, and filter all of that information. Our overwhelm CAN be outsmarted. Lynne Cazaly shares some new ways to make sense of overwhelm, new ways to work, and new ways to cope with information. You’ll be all over overwhelm… it won’t be all over you. 

Not only is Lynne one of Australia's leading speakers on new ways of working, she's been involved with our community since our very first event in 2012. Lynne has done breakout sessions, speaker prep workshops and graphic recording at multiple events, but this is the first time we have had her front and centre for a keynote.

Closing Speaker

Ash Francisco

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Business Sector and the Future of Work

Ash will examine the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander future of work and the work being done in the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander business sector to overcome orchestrated disadvantage engineered by past government policy.

She will draw on her experience from her PhD on historical implications of government policy on the Aboriginal economy and how this plays out in modern Australia. Ash's experience with her research business, NgaYarra and other programs in relation to historical awareness and self-determined economic participation will feed into the discussion on the role of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander business in the Australian economy. 

Ash Francisco is a Wiradjuri woman born on Wurundjeri Country in Naarm, Melbourne.

She is the newly appointed Lecturer in Indigenous Community Engagement at the University of Melbourne’s Dilin Duwa Centre for Indigenous Business Leadership .

Ash's interests span from historically guided restorative justice to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership and entrepreneurship. She recently completed a PhD in Aboriginal History at the University of Newcastle and is based on Taungurung Country in North Central Victoria.

Breakout sessions

You will have the opportunity to choose from several breakouts per session, throughout the day.

We will be adding more sessions to the schedule to provide more choice of breakouts.

Examples from the original schedule are:

  1. Stop Playing Around. Lego Serious Play with Frank Buechele
  2. Facebook Development with Ben Birch
  3. Data Meshes with Ned Letcher and David Colls
  4. User Research Techniques with Donna Spencer

 In the spirit of our events, the sessions will be facilitated by LAST community members. More will be added!

Stop playing around - Games and Toys that improve business
with Frank Buechele

Are you ready to bring your toys to the office? One of the most important skill sets needed by our organisations today is creativity. But are we exercising that muscle as much as we can? Learn to use the LEGO Serious Play method to build physical models of your ideas and synthesise them with ideas from other participants. Use this method to explore what cards, games, toys and other creative tools are being used - or could be used -  in our organisations. Leave the session with some strategies to introduce more creativity in your workplace through play and gamification.

Facebook Development 
with Ben Birch

Ben will share stories about the culture working at Facebook where he has been a User Interface Engineer for 3 years and spent much of this time working in London.
There will be a focus on agile at Facebook and the specifics about the technology used. 
Ben will allow plenty of time for questions!

A little more about Ben...
"In 2017 I packed up my family and move to London to be a UI Engineer at Facebook. We travelled and learnt and it was a wild ride. Before that I was global front end practice lead at Aconex in Melbourne. I have a passion for working at the boundary of design and engineering and improving the relationship between humans and technology".

Data Meshes
with Ned Letcher and David Colls

What is a Data Mesh and why should you build one? 
Data mesh, first defined by Zhamak Dehghani, is a powerful new approach to delivering value from data in organisations. Data mesh aims to move beyond traditional centralised data systems to bring data and processing capability to the people who need it and use it.

In this workshop, David and Ned will introduce the core elements of data mesh from a LAST perspective - wastes addressed, building blocks of the mesh that create agility, and techniques to tune the system - followed by Q&A discussion.

Ned and David are innovative technology leaders from Thoughtworks with a wealth of experience between them in leading the strategic and technical delivery of data and AI, digital strategy and change solutions.

User research: Interviews and beyond
with Donna Spencer  

There are many ways to learn about users. The technique we hear most about is interviews, but there are other ways. Join this fast-paced, highly interactive session to experience three other ways to learn about users (and yes, we'll talk about interviews as well).

Donna is an independent design consultant. With 20-ish years experience, she has expertise across the entire design spectrum – from strategy to delivery and everything in between – and loves all of it. She has designed for a wide range of problems across all kinds of industries, with a particular emphasis on information architecture and complex employee experience problems. Recognised internationally as a leading UX practitioner, Donna is a regular conference speaker and has written five UX-related books. She created UX Australia and ran it for 9 years.


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Thursday 9 December, 2021

9am to 5pm


All times in AEST 

09.00-10.30    Keynote/Opening
10.30-11.00    NETWORKING BREAK
11.00-11.45    Breakout sessions 1
11.45-12.30    Breakout sessions 2
12.30-13.30    LUNCH
13.30-14.15    Breakout sessions 3
14.15-15.00    Breakout sessions 4
15.00-15.30    NETWORKING BREAK
15.30-16.45    Closing address and wrap up


First release: $248 inc. GST*

*To comply with audience density limits, we are limiting registrations in the first release. Subsequent releases will be available once the public health conditions allow. Future releases will be priced slightly higher than the First release, so get in now!

We aren't pumping money into a commercial, conference venue or a multinational hotel chain. The Abbotsford Convent is a social enterprise and  amazing community arts precinct, that we are proud to have as a venue. We think its spaces are much more stimulating and interesting.

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North Magdalen Laundry and Industrial School, Abbotsford Convent


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This event will be held on Wurundjeri land. We acknowledge the people and elders of the Wurundjeri of the Kulin Nation who are traditional custodians of this land. We respect the cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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