LAST Conferences. 10 Year Reflections Project.

About the project

On 27 July 2012, 150 adventurous folks gathered at Swinburne University in Melbourne for the first ever, LAST Conference. Since then, there have been 20 editions in 5 cities in Australia. There have been thousands of participants and hundreds of session leaders and presenters. More recently, we have organised 100+ online sessions, expanding access to what we do…which is enabling a community to learn and share with each other.

Read our post about 10 years of LAST.

To mark the occasion, we wanted to have a chance for as many people as possible to be involved, whether they could get to Melbourne for the in-person LAST Conf on 11 Nov, or not.

This is how to be part of it.

  1. Join and view a series of Reflections contributed by people in the LAST community. Use the button below, it's free.
  2. Take part in discussion about the Project in the channel #last-10yr-reflection on Slack. You can join it using this link.
  3. Contribute your own Reflection
  4. Attend LAST Conference on 11 Nov. We will have a session to open the conference with starter Reflections and then small group discussions.
Join the Project

Project info

We want to:

  • Reflect/retrospect on learning from LAST that has happened since 2012
  • Involve previous speakers but also participants (audience) to contribute
  • Allow people who are in different locations to participate
  • Have a wide cross-section of involvement

"Reflection" videos

We are building a collection of a 3-5 minute videos in one of three formats from previous speakers and also have people who have been in the audience.

Examples and description of formats is below. They will form the basis of a series of online sessions, as well as sessions at the in-person LAST Conference in November.

Reflection sessions

Online reflection session

We had an online session in September where a number of the Reflection videos were viewed and discussed.

In-person session at LAST Conference

There will be a session at the in-person LAST Conference, that is in Melbourne on 11 November 2022.

Follow-up session

We also hope to have an online session after the conference (date TBC) that will have time for a discussion and a wrap of the Reflections sessions. 

Get involved.

Record a reflection video

We need you to contribute to the group of reflection videos we have. If you contribute, you will be given an rebate on your LAST Conference registration!

Help to organise

We need help in coordinating the videos, online and in-person sessions. 

Register for the free online sessions

This will be on 28 Sept.

View the Reflection videos

Join the Project to view.

In-person at LAST Conf

We a session on 11 November for discussions about the 10 Year Project.

Contact us

If you are part of the LAST Club Slack, come and let us know you want to be involved in any of the above, in the #last-10yr-reflection channel. You can join our Slack by using this self-serve link. You can also email [email protected]. We'll probably get you in to the Slack channel though!

Join the Project

About the reflection videos

What content do we want. Format A.

Speaker self-reflection.

Format A is for people who have been a Speaker at LAST and want to self reflect on their topic/s. For example, Jonny and Ed's video's, below.

1. I spoke about this in this particular year:
2. This is where it's at now
3. I think this is where it's going in the future

What content do we want. Format B.

Inspired audience reflection.

Format B is for someone who saw something memorable at LAST and want to reflect on it. For example, Pete's video about Dr. Peter Senge's talk in 2017.

1. Who was the speaker and what was their talk or workshop called (and year)?
2. What was your take-away?
3. How did their talk change your life?
4. Please add a "thank-you"!


What content do we want. Format C.

Conversation AKA "Lollipop moment" format.

Format C Is similar to Format B, but the audience member discuss this with the Speaker.

Why it's a Lollipop moment format.

"Thank you. You spoke about X and you've really inspired me to do Y."
1. What inspired you to share X at the time?
2. Where is X now?
3. Where do you think X is heading?

Example: Mick Liubinskas talking with Niall McShane about how Mick's talk inspired Niall in creating his business (coord by Dan).  OR could be based on something like Norman Bodek's talk that he delivered at LAST Conferences in Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane in 2017.

 Code of conduct

Please review the Code of Conduct that we have in place.

The Process

  1. Get in touch, preferably via Slack.
  2. Select a format.
  3. Fill in a Google Spreadsheet to "Register Your Interest/Keep Track!"
  4. Record 3-5 min video
  5. Upload it to Dropbox/Google Drive/Photos/Onedrive (needs to be downloadable by coordinators)
  6. Add the link to Register Your Interest/Keep Track! sheet
  7. Let LAST/coordinators know it's ready
  8. LAST Conf uploads to the LAST Club Portal

Key dates

Dates are subject to change. Don't leave it to the last minute!

Why get involved?

  • It's going to be really interesting for you to reflect on what you have talked about and/or have heard over the years.
  • Have you lost touch with LAST because you moved away from where an in-person event is? Get back on board.
  • Reconnect with people if you haven't been a part of LAST since 2019.
  • If you've had moments of enduring value, or even a life-changing moment because of something you have experienced at LAST, it would be fantastic to hear about it.
  • LAST is all about its community and that community's people. Help keep LAST to continue this.


  • The first thing to say is that your videos aren't going to be plastered on the internet on Youtube…unless you want them to be. We'll have the videos as part of the LAST Club Library, which is how they will be accessed.
  • Need help recording? The easiest way is to use your phone (they have pretty good cameras) and upload it to Google Drive. Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Photos. Give us access and we'll go from there.
  • It doesn't have to be perfect. LAST is all about contributing, and it doesn't have to be ultra HD, perfect video!