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List of LAST Club Full Member content.

Since 2020, the LAST Club Anywhere program has presented to thousands of people from all over Australia and New Zealand and from other parts of the world.

The program has included 80+ talks, 16+ workshops (90-min), 4 Mini-LAST & Spark events, and counting. See what's coming up.

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  • Stephen Callaghan, Christiane Anderson & Gus Irisa. Power, Rank and Privilege in an "Agile" Environment
  • Joshua Kerievsky. Joy of Agility
  • Dr Josephine Palermo. Rising to Feminine Power
  • Donna Spencer. Designing for web3
  • David Williams. Creating a dream workplace using an informal constellation
  • Charlotte McKinnon. Metrics that motivate: measuring psychological safety for better team outcomes
  • Pete Cohen. Growing the next generation
  • Niall McShane. An Introduction to Accountable Agility
  • Penelope Barr. If you buy it, we'll build it - combining google design sprints and pretotypes
  • Ruma Dak.Dancing with the System - Systemic lens for Understanding, Influence & Change
  • Paul Hughes. The Power of Potential
  • Ruth Farenga. Next Level Leadership: tapping into the leadership superpower
  • Frank Buechele. Everyone Participates: Throwing bricks at Complexity
  • Brendan Marsh. Moving from being a Product Owner to being a Product Manager @ Spotify
  • Shelvia Loveridge, Mei-Ling Cadle and Chris Asistio. Reshaping organisations with AI
  • Josephine Palermo. Why Structural coaching is important for agile practice
  • Pete Omotosho. An Introduction to Disciplined Agile
  • Ned Letcher & David Colls. What is Data Mesh and why should you build one?
  • Barry O'Reilly. Why Community-Led is the Future of Innovation
  • Chanh Kien. Game changing lessons that have helped cultivate women in a career in software development
  • Alistair Cockburn. From the archive:  getting the most out of talks and workshops
  • Darren Clinch. Practical application of data sovereignty for Aboriginal peoples
  • Pilar Esteban. Lean Branding Sprint Session
  • Liz Blink. Getting your teams to continuous discovery with the 5D approach
  • Daniel Ploeg, Applying Kanban Practises throughout a company
  • Ben Mosior. Wardley Mapping: A Remedy to the Crisis of Purpose
  • Dipa Rao. A Product Manager's Practical Guide to Customer Feedback
  • Ritsuo Shingo. The Fundamentals of Toyota Style Management
  • Ani Møller. Communicating issues to stakeholders using the PIPOW framework
  • Cheryl Tansey. The Foundations of Personal Agility
  • Ahmed Avais. Gaining confidence in complexity with Human Systems Dynamics
  • Adel Smee. Engineering Job Architecture 
  • Ahmed Avais. Gaining confidence in complexity with Human Systems Dynamics 
  • Shane Hastie. An Introduction to Lean Portfolio Management
  • Teri Christian. The Product Management Game
  • Mariane Power and Jenna O'Connell. Closing the gap between education and industry
  • Laurence McCahill. How a tiny agency led to a global movement
  • David Veech - Confidence and Creativity. How to build a fearless workforce for the future
  • Shawn Callahan  - How to use stories to bring your data to life
  • Rebecca Tapp. DNA Of Purpose - Why Purpose Starts With Who You Are
  • John M. Bernard on The Strange Connection Between Order and Freedom
  • Chris Ward on Developer Experience
  • Arash Arabi book session - The Wise Enterprise
  • Fabian Iannarella & Mat Dawe - DevOps Insights
  • Rod Sherwin. The Solution Focused (SF) Approach
  • Andy Kelk. Culture Gardening
  • Rebecca Tapp. Igniting Life’s Turning Points
  • JoAnna Ferrari. Training for Tough TImes 
  • Lynne Cazaly. Adaptive Thinking
  • Richard Parton. The science of Ikigai (Reason for Being) – thriving in a crisis
  • Kerri Rusnak, Edmonton CA. Leadership – 6 years later
  • Chanh Kien. Game changing lessons that have helped cultivate women in a career in software development
  • Alistair Cockburn. From the archive:  getting the most out of talks and workshops
  • Cath Hills. Creating great products by learning about people remotely.
  • Simon Dowling. Making Bold – Create the conditions for teams to perform at their best

  • Sandy Mamoli. Auckland NZ . “Gold Medal Me” – Olympic Tips to Be the Best You Can Be

  • Nigel Dalton. The Future of Strategy: just hire teenagers.

  • Andrew Murphy. Influencing
  • Anthony Agius. Hi I’m Anthony and I’m a massive nerd
  • Norman Bodek, Ahmed Avais, Christophe Makni. Leadership Social Responsibility – Creating a new and powerful organization
  • Christina Gerakiteys (SingularityU). Introduction to Exponential Thinking and its application to ‘today’
  • Katy Cooper (SingularityU). Future of Data: Sovereignty or Surrender
  • Andrew Blain. Remote, not adrift – an introduction to remote:af
  • John Sullivan. Leading delivery in a remote-first world
  • Kazuyoshi Hisano. A new way to be successful in this difficult and uncertain world
  • Richard Parton. Lean Change Management Hacks for Wellbeing
  • Martin Cronje. Turning our most significant production outage into a driver for positive lasting change. A DevOps story
  • Christiane Anderson and Stephen Callaghan. Work Together Anywhere
  • Donna Spencer. Planning design thinking workshops
  • Emily Jaksch and Jessy Warn. Returning to business as usual post COVID-19 restrictions
  • Peter Thomas, Pete Cohen and Lauren Sayer. AgileEd: lessons learned from introducing Agile to a K12 school
  • Brad Jeavons. Agile Sales – Delivering Customer Journeys of Value and Delight
  •  Mia Horrigan and Matt Hodgson. Measuring Enterprise Agility
  • John Contad. Tech Career Development Conversations  That Suck Less
  • Liam Brobst. Design Thinking for Leaders
  • Niall McShane. The inner journey towards being agile
  • Elise Bialylew. Fireside chat with founder of Mindful in May
  • Scott Ford. Software Remodelling: Resisting the Rewrite Temptation
  • Zach Mercurio. The Power and Practice of Purposeful Leadership in Turbulent Times
  • Catherine Molloy. Virtual Influence
  • Theresa Neate.  Managers. Leaders and Agile Coaches: You don’t need more testers to improve software quality 


  • Ben Mosior. Wardley Mapping
  • John Tooth and James McMenamin. Futurespective for the "next normal"
  • Zach Mercurio. Implement the Habits of Purposeful Leadership.

There were several more 90-minute workshops that were not recorded, or were part of a longer series.


  • Mini-LAST # 1&2
  • Mini-Spark
  • Mini-combo
  • Un-Conference # 1&2

Bonus content (available to Full Members only)

  • Alistair Cockburn Interviews
  • Vinomofo Founder, Andre Eikmeier at Spark the Change 2015
  • Kerri Rusnak at Dare Festival 2014
  • Dr Jason Fox at Dare Festival Melbourne 2014
  • Helen Souness at Dare Festival Melbourne 2014
  • Jurgen Appelo at Dare Festival Melbourne 2014
  • Joanne Molesky at 1st Conference Adelaide 2018. Failing Agile at Scale
  • Norman Bodek at LAST Conference 2017
  • Dr Peter Senge at LAST Conference 2017 (Audio)
  • Professor Henry Mintzberg's talk at LAST Conference 2018 (Audio)
  • John Cutler at LAST Conference 2018
  • John Cutler's LAST Anywhere 2019
  • Ruth Farenga's 3 Stage Breathing Space (audio)

More bonus content will be made available.

LAST Conference 2021

  • Lynne Cazaly. Understanding and Outsmarting Our Overwhelm. (Video, audio, Slides)
  • Joshua Kerievsky at LAST Conf MEL 2021. (Video and audio)
  • Mitch Hibbens. The role Indigenising business education plays in creating more ethical, sustainable and just businesses. (Audio)
  • Darren Clinch. Practical application of data sovereignty for Aboriginal peoples. (Audio)
  • Ned Letcher & David Colls. Data Mesh: a lean perspective. (Slides PDF)
  • Liz Blink. Continuous discovery with the 5D approach. (Slides PDF)
  • Pete Cohen. Innovation Portfolio Mapping, (Slides PDF)

Session previews

The following videos are the first 10 minutes of the selected sessions. The full length recordings are available in the Full Member Library of the Clubhouse. You can also see full-length recordings of recent sessions if you are a Free Member.

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Dr Alistair Cockburn.

Getting the most out of talks and workshops

In this clip from a longer video, Alistair Cockburn (Agile Manifesto co-author and creator of the Heart of Agile approach, talks about how you can gain learning from any session you attend, even though you may think you know the topic.

"It's remarkable that people will say that all they learned in a session is that 'pretty much I was right all along'. Which means they didn't learn anything…Hunt for something to pull into you."

Scott Ford.

Software Remodelling: Resisting the Rewrite Temptation

In this talk, M. Scott Ford, Co-Founder and Chief Code Whisperer at Corgibytes, a firm dedicated to modernizing existing codebases, shares ways that developers can learn to appreciate modifying a codebase they didn’t write. He talks about the Maker/Mender divide, discusses differences between new construction and software remodeling, provides insights into tool, language, and process choices, and more.


Therese Neate

Managers, Leaders and Agile Coaches: You don’t need more testers to improve software quality.

How often have you heard: "Our quality is poor, we need more testing (or testers)." When you hear this, know that this indicates not only a spurious correlation but also a fundamental misunderstanding of what testing is or does. Come on this journey with me where I explore the above claim, walking you through 1. Testing 2. Quality 3. Building in Quality.

Norman Bodek, Ahmed Avais, Christophe Makni.
Leadership Social Responsibility – Creating a new and powerful organization

In this talk, Norman, Ahmed and Christophe helps you to learn how to help your organization make this very important shift and to find great new opportunities.

Kazuyoshi Hisano. 

A new way to be successful in this difficult and uncertain world

If you are perfectly satisfied with your current life, that is wonderful. However, if you think that you can do better – if you really want to be better… then listen to this talk!

Andrew Blain. 

Remote, not adrift – an introduction to remote:af

Through remote:af Andrew aims to build a global community of remote agility practitioners who can help organisations build engaging working environments that are more flexible, sustainable and equitable.