What does 2021 hold?


We all know that predicting the future is difficult, and the events of the last 12 months have reinforced this even more. Despite this, we still have to make plans for the future and that's what I was thinking about not just during the week, but also for some time beforehand.

It would be easy to say that because we are doing relatively well here in Australia that we can go back to how we ran things in 2019, in 2021. We aren't going to rush things though, so here's where the current thinking from me is.

We need the community's support

If you have been to and enjoyed LAST/1st and Spark the Change in the past, or one of the 2020 LAST Anywhere or Clubhouse sessions, we really need your support in the next few months…particularly with Season 2 of the LAST Clubhouse.

Please consider joining as a Full Member, and just as importantly please get involved. The enthusiasm and involvement to make the Clubhouse something more than just a series of webinars, is really important and it also matches the ethos of all of the past Tabar events.

In return, we are going to organise the most engaging and valuable program of online and in-person events that we can.

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2021 Plans

The video above is a supercut of what I talk about below. This playlist divides the video into 3 smaller chunks,

1. LAST Clubhouse online

We started a "Season 2" of the online LAST Clubhouse and that's going to run until the end of April. It's not too late to join up to get included access to the upcoming sessions that others have to pay for (e.g mini-events and 90-min workshops) as well as access to our archive of recorded content and discounts to future events.

Since we started with 100% online sessions in March 2020, we have run around 50 sessions in a variety of formats. There have been presenters from our community of talented practitioners, as well as appearances from names like Barry O'Reilly, John Cutler, Kazuyoshi Hisano, Norman Bodek, Kerri Rusnak, Jeff Patton and Sandy Mamoli from overseas.

The sessions have covered everything from Meaning, Purpose and Positive Psychology to DevOps and Legacy Code, via agile coaching and enterprise agility.

We have some free sessions in February from Rod Sherwin, Arash Arabi and Fabian Iannerella, as well as the upcoming mini-event PLUS we are currently scheduling the rest of the Season, including 90-minute workshops.

2. Upcoming mini-event

Mike Steger and Diana Larsen are going to be joining us online from the USA for this mini-event.

It's our third mini-event and combines elements of LAST Conference and Spark the Change. You can register for a one-off fee of $44, or become a Full Member and get this for free. With the discount code, it's only $89.25. So you only need to come to this event and one other between now and April to instantly pay for your membership!

3. In-person events

There are a few aspects to this.

  1. Firstly, we are going to have an outdoor get together on 28 Feb, in Melbourne. It's free…so please come along.
  2. We are going to organise an Unconference in March with limited capacity. Priority will be given to Full Members of the Clubhouse. We'll organise more after that, adjusting capacity to both demand and the current conditions
  3. We hope to have a medium-sized in-person event in the middle of the year in Melbourne.
  4. By September or October, we hope that we'll be able to have something that is more like LAST Conference Melbourne of the past.
  5. We are talking with the organisers in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra, about what they might do in 2021.

PS - We think there will be capacity restrictions throughout 2021, so become a FULL MEMBER to get to the front of the queue.

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