mini-LAST #2

7 October 2020

A LAST Clubhouse event to replace 2020 physical conferences.

What was on

The Community Strikes Back

LAST Conferences have always been about the community sharing knowledge and camraderie.

We're going back to first principles for this mini-LAST. The content of the sessions will be from our community of practitioners, sharing with other practitioners. See what happened at mini-LAST 1.

Share and Learn with your "Crew"

When you participate in this mini-LAST event, you will be allocated to a group. This Crew will be your colleagues at the start and the end of the mini-LAST event.

40-minute breakout sessions

The rest of the format is simple.

There will be three sets of small group sessions (up to 15 people) that you will choose from. All of the sessions will be facilitated by LAST community members.

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Above: Crew Leaders from mini-LAST 1 — Shelvia Loveridge, Jo Stephenson, Imran Qazi, Peter Lee, Cath Hills, Eoghan Murphy



Wednesday Oct 7, 2020

4:00 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart (AEDT)
1:00 PM Perth, Singapore (AWST)
3:00 PM Brisbane (AEST)
3:30 PM Adelaide (ACDT)
6:00 PM New Zealand

5:00 AM UTC

Find your local time

Approx 180 minutes


All times in AEDT (UTC +11)

4:00p  Enter the online event using the Video Facilitator platform. Chat with your "Crew", facilitated by your Crew Leader.

4:15p  Breakout sessions

4:55 - 5:05p Shuffle time

5:05 Breakout sessions 

5:45 - 5:55p Shuffle time

5:55 - 6:35p Breakout sessions

6:35p Wrap up with your Crew


Free for Full LAST Clubhouse Participants


$44 (inc. GST)