LAST Clubhouse Book Sessions

A Book Group

Reading to foster a growth mindset

LAST Conferences have always been about the community sharing knowledge.

We are creating these Book Sessions to help you find new ideas that you can use in your professional life.

For some of these sessions, we will even have the authors available for Q&A.

Coming Up

For its Première the LAST Clubhouse Book Sessions is honoured to welcome the multi-award-winning leadership coach and strategic partner for numerous Fortune 500 company leaders.

In her book, 8 Paradoxes of Leadership Agility Chuen Chuen tells the story of transformations from her vast experience working with clients from almost 40 countries over the years.

Out of her observations, she cleverly put together a practical system, the Re4 coaching model, aiming to guide leaders through the complexity of transformation.

Chuen Chuen illustrates the successful outcomes, over tangible scenarios described in her book.

We are looking forward to meeting Chuen Chuen and talking about her book and future projects…



Thursday Oct 29, 2020

8:00 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart (AEDT)
5:00 PM Perth, Singapore (AWST)

5:00 AM UTC

Find your local time

Approx 60 minutes


Session: 60 minutes

0 – 10 Welcome participants

10 – 15 Introduce The Clubhouse and latest news

15 – 20 Introduce the Author

20 – 40 Author presents the book… 

40 – 50 Q & A Author 

50 – 60 Greetings


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Book sale. We have a handful of copies of Lean Change Management (Jason Little), Jurgen Appelo's Startup, Scaleup, Screwup, and a single copy of The Harada Method.

Free shipping in Australia.

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