What you're missing if you aren't a LAST Club member.

LAST in 2020

Since March 2020, we have delivered a programme of over 50 talks, 90-min workshops, longer courses and mini-conferences…all online. These were presented by over 70 people from Australia, Asia, Canada, the USA and Europe.

Presenters included Barry O'Reilly, Diana Larsen, Prof. Mike Steger, Hugh Mackay AO, John Cutler, Nigel Dalton, Dr Elise Bialylew, Jeff Patton, Kazuyoshi Hisano, Norman Bodek, Dr Zach Mercurio and many more.

Free Members were able to join many of the live sessions, with many of the recordings being available in the free library for a limited time. You can view a Preview of the sessions and also join for free, to access what is in the Free Library. We also have a Slack group that has over 2000 members. Come and find your people.

If you're not at least a free member of the LAST Club, you're missing out!


Full Members were those who chose to go more in-depth for one or both of the "seasons" of the LAST Club. Some joining as a replacement for cancelled, 2020 in-person conferences. 

By paying a modest fee, they gained unfettered access to all of the available recordings (including workshops and mini-conferences not available to free members), and free or discounted access to 90-min workshops and mini-conferences. They also accessed special community features and founding members of Season 1 received an exclusive Challenge Coin. They also kept the spirit of LAST alive.

If you ever came to one of our in-person conferences…LAST Conference, 1st Conference, or Spark the Change Conference, becoming a Full Member is for you.

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Above - Founding members with their challenge coins and founding member t-shirts.


LAST Club 2021-22

  • The LAST Club 2021-22  program is restoring in-person events…
    as well as continuing to have a number of online sessions, accessing learning drawn from the LAST Conference, LAST Anywhere and Spark the Change networks. You can read about the thinking behind the return to in-person, in Ed's recent post, as well as watch a short video explaining it.
  • Full membership is now on an Annual or Monthly recurring basis.
    If you join as an Annual member, you receive greater perks during the year and also get benefits (like credit to an in-person event) that Monthly members don't have.


Individual Membership options:


  1. Free Member. A free option should you only wish to review the most recent talk recordings, and to choose to attend in-person events on a case by case basis.
  2. Full Club Member. Annual. AUD$190 inc. GST (rising at the end of this month). Paid annually, this gives you access to all the Full member content, with a $40 credit which can be used as a discount for an in-person event (or a T-Shirt/memento if you can't make it to one)
  3. Full Club Member. Monthly. AUD$15 inc. GST - a monthly subscription which gives you access to all the Full member content.

We will also soon have Group memberships available.

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In-person event schedule

Starting in Melbourne, with other cities in the pipeline.
  • 15 May Unconference 2 - Higher Spaces, Abbotsford (to register see below)
  • 23 July Midi LAST Conference - Abbotsford Convent  
  • 5 November Maxi LAST Conference - Industrial School, Abbotsford Convent  
Our online LAST Club activities will also continue to be scheduled, on an ongoing basis.

Please join us as a Free or Full Member. We look forward to seeing you online and in-person soon!

Ed (LAST/1st/Spark the Change Founder) and Lisa (Community coordinator)


 Coming up…

David Veech session

Stand by for David Veech, live from Ohio for a LAST Club session, at the end of May.

Unconference 2

Some scenes from March's Unconference. It was a lot of fun! There was cake, discussions, Lego and the pub. We hope to see you at the next one on Sat 15 May.

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