We are really lucky. The story of LAST and Norman Bodek.

news Sep 10, 2020

Are you familiar with a phrase that refers to someone with someone with so much knowledge, it's likely that they have forgotten more than you currently know? Well, Norman Bodek is the embodiment of this.

In 2017, Steve Mitchell introduced us to Norman and we asked him to open LAST Conference in Melbourne as one of a double-header of opening speakers. The other being Dr Peter Senge. Some highlights of that session can be seen above.

In case you don't know his story, he is responsible for bringing some of the great Japanese management books to the English speaking world by having translated and then published dozens of their books, including the works of Taiichi Ohno and Dr. Shigeo Shingo, famed figures in the Toyota Production System story. He also taught a "Best of Japanese management" course at Portland State University. Norman created the Shingo Prize with Dr. Vern Beuhler at Utah State University, as well as being inducted Industry Week magazine's Manufacturing Hall of Fame. He's currently enamoured with Kazuyoshi Hisano's Gold Vision Method, and is close to publishing a translation of a book of the same name.

"Delivering value to our customers". Free session.

He has also authored and released a book in 2020 called A Leader's Guide to Social Responsibility. The chapter from that book called "Delivering value to our customers" will be focus of his LAST Anywhere/Clubhouse talk at 8am on 15 Sept. Please consider joining to hear him talk about how to deliver great customer service, using principles that he has learnt from the likes of W. Edwards Deming, Ohno and Shingo. This session will be round table style (not webinar) to allow for greater interaction with him.

PS - Don't forget that LAST Clubhouse "Full Participants" have access to exclusive audio of Dr Senge's talk. We'll be adding Norman's audio soon, too. You can join for the remainder of the LAST Clubhouse's season that's replacing the 2020 physical conference for only $77 inc. GST. This will include free registration to the "mini-LAST" that is coming on 7 Oct, as well as more workshops, the LAST Anywhere Archive, and the exclusive content for Clubhouse Full Participants.

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