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LAST Club & Conferences in 2023

Welcome to 2023 at the LAST Club. Once again, we're bringing you more stimulating topics for our LAST Club sessions for Summer/Autumn.

We hope you have had a great summer break and are ready to join us again for a brand new series of Lean, Agile and Systems Thinking topics! 

These online sessions (45-60 mins) are with specially selected presenters from the local, national and international LAST network.

We are excited to announce the following sessions which are scheduled on a regular basis, starting in early February, with more to be added.

  • Paul Hughes The Power of Potential - Fri 10 Feb 
  • Penelope Barr If you buy it, we'll build it - combining google design sprints and pretotypes - Fri 24 Feb
  • Niall McShane An Introduction to Accountable Agility - Thurs 2 March
  • Pete Cohen Growing the Next Generation - Fri 10 March
  • Charlotte McKinnon Metrics that Motivate - Fri 17 March
  • David Williams Creating the dream workplace - Thurs 23 March

You can register for free, right now.

Note, we will continue to send all LAST Club members a reminder Calendar invite in the week prior to each online session. Should you not wish to receive these Calendar invites, please reply to this email to be removed from the list.

The LAST Club Library

Don't forget that if you're reading this, you're probably either a Free Member or a Full Member of the LAST Club. You can login and see what's available for you in the Library. For Free members, it's a few of the most recent sessions and for Full Members, it's everything that we have…over 100 sessions. Also, there's a range of special offers from friends of LAST on various courses etc.

More LAST Conferences are returning in 2023

Not only is LAST Conf Melb scheduled for Friday 1 December, LAST Conf Adelaide is returning on 19 May. There's also some early progress with Brisbane (possibly July) and Sydney is also starting to be looked at.

Tech Leader Series

Last year, we ran a pilot and then a whole series of our latest offering; the Tech Leader Series. This year we will re-run Series 1 and will add a second series, with new topics. Find out more about the Tech Leader Series here

We hope to see you online or in-person, soon!

Ed and Lisa

PS -  Planning for the next Financial Year? Why not become a LAST Club and LAST Conference Supporter? Just drop us a line at [email protected]


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