Spark the Change. Online Mini-event follow up.


At previous Spark the Change events, we've sent people a letter 4-6 weeks after the day to remind them of what went on and prompt them to keep using what they learned. A couple of times, we have had people write out to their future selves and we have posted them their note.

For the recent mini-Spark, we decided to do this in the form of this article.

We have also made Hugh's session available on this page. Natasha and Rob's sessions are available in the Full Member Archive (free in December 2020). this archive has over 40 hours of content from our sessions in 2020, as well as bonus material from previous events.

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To be a good neighbour- what will you do?

Hugh's examples

  • say hello to people in your neighbourhood you walk past, even if they ignore you
  • introduce yourself to your neighbours. Swap numbers in case of an emergency
  • drop a note in neighbours letter box, offer help if needed and your contact details

Good things we have seen during lockdown what can you keep doing? what else can you do to be a good neighbour?

Richard: We’ve made a veggie garden for our block

Ruth: I’ve been noticing the shared conversations at allowed places, at the butchers queue, in the supermarket queues. People reaching out to their neighbours.

Ed: Our suburb has a “Good Karma Network”, even before the pandemic that is about helping their neighbours out.

Linda: block of 4 units we have had food going between the units - baked goods and tasty meals.   and now we have created veggie gardens together

Kerrie: We had a system of red and green laminated A4 sheets.  People placed it in their windows,  Green meant all is good.  Red meant someone needed help - such as delivery, work etc


What you talked about in breakout session – about making a difference, having an impact

Ruth, Lani, Lisa: We covered - being caught up in a relationship where you think it is normal and you can’t get out, we covered the power of informing children directly about their options and giving them sources such as CHildLine, we talked about what a positive Tash has made out of this experience, using her experience for advocacy.

Frank’s Group: We talked about how powerful and provocative Tash’s story was and then talked about how transactional society can be and how we could address this

Kate’s group: Our discussion in breakout room covered changing attitudes to transactional basis for life and how to address environmental waste disposal issues through choosing more wisely in purchasing - potential educational opportunities. Also reflected on how safe environments can assist kids with focusing on e.g. excelling at school.

Richard’s Group : We talked about helping kids broadening their horizons, and how kids in more disadvantaged environments particularly need that help, we also had the wonderful example of teaching kids martial arts as a way of growing their abilities, horizons and confidence

Gareth, Geoff, Yussuf - we talked about the story itself and interlinking into some other topics. Geoff made a great point around preventative measures to address harmful situations which we could have explored but at that point we ran out of time.

Michele’s Group: Our group must be the shy ones :) - we talked about making workplaces better so we can eliminate bullying and do our best meaningful work, and also about food rescue so ppl don't go hungry when so much is thrown out!


Ways you proposed to Personalise your work- so it better energises you. And Key Takeaways from Rob’s session.

Vicki : schedule a coffee date (virtual or in person) once a week with someone.

Ruth: I’m with Vicki. My management coach had already advised me, when I said I was feeling flat to actively connect with someone new or someone I like 3 times a week. It’s working really well. My next challenge is to move promotion of team activities to my team, as I am not good at it

Sandra: Proposing "liberating structures" workshop and create new patterns where it's very political... so then people can experience other ways of thinking...

Kate: Tackle 'most difficult' task of the day as early in the day as possible instead of working up to it / procrastinating.

Ruth : @Kate that is a GREAT one. I’ve done that before and it clears the day really well

Richard: Small slots for connection with my community/connections during the day

Ed: The government mandated 1 hour of exercise per day was good to create energy in the day

Victoria: Outsource the tasks that drain me to people who'd prefer to do them

Dan: Take away Twitter … from 9am to 12pm ?

Richard : Take away Twitter .. from 9am to 12am ;)

Shelvia : I've uninstalled, log out Instagram and facebook from my mobile and computer. leaving it on my ipad (which I very rarely use..)

Vicki : I am also off FB

Ruth: Hey Dan I cut back on social media a lot during lockdown, because my eyes were so tired from Zoom meetings. Got much more productive in terms of reading and knitting.

Richard: I’m doing no-tech / slow Sundays at the moment, is surprisingly hard, but really rewarding too

Lisa: Walk away from my desk when I get stuck for a period of time and come back to it later or talk to another person for a different perspective

Ed: In the sessions that we have been having, habit forming has been one recurring theme.

Ruth: My key takeaway is that I can craft my job so that I am not always so frustrated. Taking back some control

Dan: I like the drains energy vs gives energy as a group exercise experiment, thx Rob!

Victoria: Make a few small changes and hopefully, reap big benefits. :)

Lisa: My key takeaway is that I can craft my job on a micro level without the need to broadcast it and get someone’s approval to do it

Linda: Lisa i love that thought.

Craig: Saying ‘hello’ to everyone…

Linda: i am actually going to consider job crafting in terms of how i will explain a few of my past jobs where i did some without realising i was

Richard : @linda - yes, the research in job crafting actually started from noticing what people naturally do, and researching and learning about that

Kim: My takeaway is that the more creative input staff have into their roles, the more energised and satisfied they will be (I say that as a business owner/manager).



Hugh’s latest books go together


Resources TASH cited for us to follow up:



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Make work better pdf on tailored thinking site

Tailored Thinking's digital brochure

Amy Wrzesniewski was mentioned in Rob's session. This episode of The Happiness Lab podcast talks about the job crafting concept and talks to Amy Wrzesniewski the idea's originator.

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