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Uncategorized Jul 09, 2020

This is a repost of the email that went out about The Clubhouse.

A few days ago, the first of five LAST Conferences was due to be held in Brisbane, running through to a grand finale at a new venue in Melbourne in August. We'd been planning all this since last October, but it quickly became obvious that this wouldn't be possible.

In March we ramped up LAST Anywhere, with online talks and workshops from the likes of John Cutler, Barry O'Reilly, Kerri Rusnak, Norman Bodek, Kazuyoshi Hisano, Sandy Mamoli and many more from Australia, NZ and several other countries. We've had dozens of sessions and hundreds of people take part.

Many online experiences that have appeared recently lack a sense of connection with other people. Luckily, that's one of the strengths that LAST has built up, from our origins at meetups and in the LAST events that started in 2012. That's what the LAST Clubhouseidea is designed to encourage.

Let's come together in the next few months with:
  • talks and workshops
  • social opportunities
  • community-run events (coach camps, Lean Coffee etc.)
  • and at least 2, online, mini-LAST Conferences
  • a special member pack with a unique Challenge Coin which will only be available to Founding Members
  • Clubhouse exclusive content such as the audio of Dr Peter Senge's LAST Conf 2017 talk, that hasn't been released before
  • A price that is similar to coming to a LAST Conference for a day.

Clubhouse will start now and go until the end of September, with scheduling to suit different timezones, and durations that ensure you don't get a numb bum!

You can find out more about my thinking on this at my blog post, The Future will be Different. As well as thinking, I have been talking to at least 20-30 people in the LAST community, to help me refine the "design" of the Clubhouse. I have also been contacting lots of different people around the world, that we can bring in to take part and present!

If you don't want to join the Club, you can still join non-paywall talks and register for one-off paid sessions.

I really hope you will join us.



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See you soon, online.

Ed Wong

PS - Until midnight Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC +10), you can get $20 off the standard Clubhouse Membership. So don't miss out!

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