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Nigel Thurlow. 23 Apr 24 AEST

Tues 23 Apr - 08.30 - 09.15 AEST 
Mon 22 Apr - 17.30 - 18.15 CDT
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How fake Agile is preventing Agility in Organisations with Nigel Thurlow

Nigel previously served as the first-ever Chief of Agile at Toyota, where he created the World Agility Forum award-winning “Scrum the Toyota Way” and co-created The Flow System™a holistic FLOW-based approach to delivering customer-first value built on a foundation of The Toyota Production System.

Inspired by the excellent work and books by David Graeber who coined the phrase "Bullshit Jobs", this talks examines the "Fake Agile" issue through this lens. The "Transformation Myth" and "Ill-Defined" problems are also covered as is "Agile Deja Vu" and leadership incentives that are driving the creation of bullshit jobs and causing Agile change initiatives to fail.

What is Fake Agile? How does fake Agile harm Agile?
What is a "bullshit job" and what should you do if you've realised you have one?!
What can the Agile community collectively do to help stamp out the b******t?

Throughout his career, Thurlow has gained an enviable recognition as a leading expert in Lean and Agile methods, tools, techniques, and approaches. He specializes in developing effective organizational designs and operating models for organisations to embrace both Lean and Agile concepts. By leveraging knowledge from various sources, Thurlow helps optimize organizations to enact successful, long-lasting transformational strategies in applying Lean thinking, Agile techniques, and Scrum – while combining complexity thinking, distributive leadership, and team science, represented by a triple helix structure known as the DNA of Organisations

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